Hair Sticks

Product Information

When you really want to show off, go for the drama of Hair Sticks.  Sometimes the most unusual textures yield some amazing work.

 Hair sticks have been a favored way of dressing up hair for centuries. The earliest records and pictures from Asia show women with beautiful adornments in their hair. Stories have evolved around the use of the sticks and the women that have worn them. 

 The Geishas of ancient Japan would often receive hair sticks adorned with fine carvings, jewels and intricate artwork.  They were highly prized by the women that wore them, and were sometimes traded or given as gifts to each other.  In China, there were Empresses that would decorate their hair with so many sticks and combs that the combined effect was often like a headdress. 

 And of course the Kunoichi made wearing sticks a most dangerous art form….

 Now, you too can be a part of the romance.

 The hair sticks from Pan-Gaia Designs come in a wide variety of patterns and styles, covering a range of materials.  The sticks themselves are an unvarnished wood, 6″ long, topped with a steel or brass cap and eye hook.  Everything comes together strong and pretty, with a look that hearkens back to the days of geishas and warriors.

 The dangles also will vary with stones, semi-precious gems, glass, resin and metal making up the shiny parts, all held together with steel jump rings.  Varying kinds of finishing touches are used, such as Tibetan silver charms, Chinese style coins, and hammered and stamped metal fobs.  

 Stick Types

Ribbon – Ribbon sticks are made with a fluff of ribbon as the decoration, usually complimented by small strings of beads or chain.  Ribbon sticks are inexpensive and can be made in a variety of colors for a multitude of uses.  If you need a large number of hair decorations that look the same, the ribbon sticks are a great way to go.  Color combinations can be varied for any use, such as wedding favors or school colors.

 Regular – Sticks with a chain dangle with beads and fobs on the end.  Regular sticks are exotic and pretty, but not as fancy as the Fancy or Exotic types.  Regular sticks can be worn singly or in multiples, and can be custom made in a variety of color combinations for any occasion. 

 Fancy – Fancy sticks are made with more interesting beads, and are usually attached to an aluminum filigree.  Fancy sticks come in either gold or silver tone for the base, with complimentary beadwork.  Cloisonne, crystal, and other special beads are arranged on the filigree to create a larger dangle on the stick.

 Exotic – Exotic sticks are made with fancy beads, filigrees and anything that will make for a large, beautiful design.  Exotic sticks can be worn alone for a most dramatic effect.  They are usually large and ornate – a complete fantasy in a single piece. 

 Stick Materials

 Cloisonné – A common component of the gold fancy sticks is cloisonné.  Nothing says sophistication like cloisonné. With the multiple firings, the gorgeous paints and the gold wire, cloisonné beads are a focus that entrances the viewer and makes them love your good taste. Cloisonné has a visual depth that adds richness to anything that you pair it with.  Even the simplest designs become stunning and sophisticated when you add it to them.

Tibetan Silver:  An alloy made with a bit of silver, some nickel, and some base metals.  It holds a nice shine and can be anodized to get colors other than silver on it.  It does not contain lead.  It is strong and a great way to show off multiple charms on your decorations.

 Chinese Style Coins – The Chinese style coins are made from Aluminum and a base metal, and are based on historical coins that have been in China.  The hole in the middle of the coin (for those that have a hole in the middle) was used to string the coins so that they would be easy to carry.  Traditionally, the kanji on the coins will offer blessings such at luck, prosperity, health, longevity, and blessing. 

 Crackle Glass Beads – Crackle glass is made by firing a glass bead so that it crackles.  The bead is then heated so that the outside is malleable, where it is smoothed down.  The result is a bead that catches the light from multiple angles, shining with almost as much intensity as something with multiple facets.

 AB Finish Beads – AB stands for Aurora Borealis – a finish that reflects a rainbow of colors from the glass that is treated with it.  Even though the bead will show one color, the bead will reflect a rainbow on top of the main color, for a beautiful effect.

 Metal beads – Gold and silver tones compliment the beads on almost all of the sticks that are made.  Metal beads are lead free, although usually made from a base metal. 

 Aluminum Filigree – Varying filigrees are used to attach dangles to, in both gold and silver.  Filigree shapes are lightweight, and allow for a variety of beautiful designs. 

 Suggested Uses

 Wear one stick or more to a dramatic effect. Create a chignon or put in a bun. Dress up even the most drab ponytail with a lovely ensemble that will stand out in any crowd. Wear with your favorite outfits for a bit of shimmer and shine that will make you the center of attention. A great retro look for steampunk, fantasy, work or just hanging out.

 Wear them at the office to show your individuality. Wear with a fine gown to enhance the beauty of the garment. Dress up a pair of jeans with something a little different than the usual ponytail. Wear multiples to create a cascade of color on your chignon, or singly to add a subtle hint of Asian flavor. The choices are only limited by your imagination!