Gallery – Hermione’s Formal Dress

Product Information

I had never done anything like this before.

Scarlette came to me and asked that I make this for her, based off of the Goblet of Fire movie. She wanted me to make it as close to the real thing as possible, and naturally, I could not resist a challenge.

A month later it was finished. And I have learned so much in the making of this.

First of all, I had never made anything that was truly fitted before. I had made some things that give the appearance of being fitted, but nothing like this. After measuring her and re-measuring to make sure I got it right, I tried four different approaches before hitting the one that worked. And, having had one that worked, I\’m really surprised that I never figured this out before. I can\’t explain other than to remind anyone that cares to listen that you can cut but you cannot add. I ended up doing a weird combination between draping techniques and actually cutting a pattern.

The China Silk fought me every step of the way, and I loved the challenge. I can now do some interesting speed techniques with slippery cloth. Very useful.

Scarlette was a dream come true as a model. She is so bright and happy and excited and just plain nice. I hope she will become one of my semi-regular models.

-  Chiffon – 12 Yards
-  China Silk – 5 Yards
-  Grossgrain Ribbon – 2 Yards
- Multiple layers of chiffon
- 3/4 circle skirt
- Bias cut on the chiffon parts
- Long Zipper for easy in and out
- Grossgrain Ribbon spaghetti straps
- Lettuce hemming on every single side of each chiffon piece
- Bias style on collar piece
- Fitted dress
Full sized details can be seen below: