Gallery – Greek Inspired Fire Elemental

Flow and movement with multiple circles.

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ConDFW has a costume contest of sorts, the “Your Celestial Starburst” pageant. It’s a lighthearted way to allow people to play in the costume thing, have some fun, and yet not spend hours and hours on CosPlay. 

I entered this as my entry for the contest. It was vaguely inspired by the movie 300, and by the wish to have wings on something.

There are hidden sticks in the sleeves of the dress, which can be lifted to make it flow like crazy. The entire thing is made of red habotai silk – a man made silk that emulates real silk, even to the point of being able to dye it.

This dress was a MASSIVE amount of experimentation for me, and I now have learned a bunch of stuff for the next time that I try something this crazed. The best experiment was the foiling. Essentially, there is gold foil all over the dress, heavier in some places and lighter in others, so that you will (in theory) get the feeling of movement and fire.

The general idea was to have a fire elemental. I think that I got that in the model, but I really need to try something completely different next time. Maybe something with yet more gold and this time with some thread to match the foiling.

Model: The incomparable Trish Southerland who has been a great sport about wearing my stuff and is way too much fun in front of the cameral. She also put up with my hosing her down with alternating layers of gold glitter and hairspray so that she herself would glitter.

Photographer: Todd Caldwell. Todd is a most excellent photographer and gave me a disk full of pictures of Trish. The ones I have selected for this album are the ones that were my favorites. The only thing that I had to do in photoshop was a little bit of cropping. Now that’s some serious talent.


- Habotai Silk
- Gold foil
- Bonash Glue
- Gold Memory Wire
- Party beads
- Double-Faced satin ribbon

- Full circle of fabric for each sleeve
- 90″ of fabric pleated into the body
- Hidden ribbon closures for tying in place
- Hidden sticks in the sleeves to make them flow better
Full Sized Pictures can be Viewed Here: