Kunoichi Fashion

Product Information

Imagine, if you will, that you are a warrior in Ancient Japan.  You stride tall, your sword an extension of your will, taking out those that need to die, and meting justice wherever you go.

You come to a small village and stop at the local tavern.  There, a young lady entertains you, soothing your weariness with dancing and saki.  Late in the evening, she escorts you to your room where she helps you lie down.  You sink into a restful slumber as she strokes your forehead.

And you never wake up again.

According to the legend, the kunoichi were the female assassins.  They often posed as geisha and would lure their victims to sleep with entertainments and saki.  Once the victim was asleep, they would take their long hair sticks and plunge them through the eyes, into the brains.

So, naturally, I’ve been calling my hairsticks “Kunoichi fashion”.