Ideas and Where they Come From

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I was showing my husband some new designs the other night.  He made the comment that he loved the way that I made things lie, and that he didn’t know how I came up with some of them.

I explained that there was a LOT of thought that went into each one, and that he would be shocked at some of the failures.  We got to talking about what I did, and I started pointing out stuff, like how I would count the links on the chains, or how I preferred to use the dragon charm for bolder colours like red or purple, but preferred to use the moon and stars charms with softer colors like blues and lavender.  I showed him some of the stress tests I would use, and how I would use different variants on a theme when a good one was found.

It got me thinking about the things that don’t make it.  And it got me thinking about one of the more fun ways to get an idea – throwing things together until something hits you properly.  Sometimes, you just have to play with texture and color and see where it leads you.

In fact, while I didn’t tell him this, that’s actually the biggest part of finding new designs.  For every one that makes something good, there are any number of ideas that were not good or workable.  For every time that the right colors work together, there are a bunch of color combinations that just don’t work.  For every charm that I find that works perfectly, there are a ton that won’t.  For each pattern that can be used, there are a ton that just won’t make it.

And for every idea that works, there are a million that don’t.

I guess that there is no real point to this, other than to observe that when a good idea finally hits, you should run with it.