I AM a Professional – Maybe?

Product Information

My husband and I were talking about experiences that we have had at conventions.  One of the things that he often does is to help with the booth.  Quite often, he will see things that I do not, and I won’t hear about some of them because there are more important things to deal with at the time.

This time, we were talking about my packaging and how I was trying to establish something that pretended to be a brand.  As I was commenting on how I had been working on making everything look kind of uniform and professional, he told me about a comment that he had heard that he had to step in and correct.

He had heard a couple of women arguing about my work.  One of them had told the other that I made everything in the booth and pointed to me (I had been working with another customer at the time).  Her friend had said that it was obvious that I imported everything – look at how slick the packaging was.

My husband, being the wonder that he is, stepped in and correct the assumption and pointed out that I spent a ton of time designing, printing and assembling the packaging.  She denied it vehemently, and he had to point out that anyone with a slight clue in graphic design could do it (and I wasn’t even all that good!).

This is a kind of a sore point.  Why is it that some people assume that if somethign is put together properly and well, that if someone spent some extra time making it more appealing visually, or tried to package it right, that it is not actually made by the artisan?  Hand made does not need to mean that it is badly made.

Hand made is just that – made by hand.  It is a mistake to think that an artisan is not making it, just because it has a professional appearance.