A Link and Some Commentary

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I am not usually one to post and repost stuff that has been re-posted (yes, that makes sense), but this one I had to point out:


The article itself doesn’t really state anything that is different from my personal experinece, nor does it say anything that I, myself have not heard before.  However, it is succinct, well written, and makes a valid point: There is a very different market and approach between handmade and the stuff you get in the store.

While the message is dead-on, and one that I’ve also been preaching for a while, there is one part of it that surprises the living daylights out of me: the vitriol that is exhibited by some of the posters.  There are those that apparently believe that the artist doing what she is doing is somehow ripping people off, and should be stopped.

This is an attitude that most every artist and artisan has experienced at least once (if not dozens and dozens of times).  And I’m trying to figure out why it has to happen.

Using the posters example of the hat that she made:  she charges about $150 for it, crochets it, and uses some really good materials for the base.  However, in her story, the person she talks about is disgusted by the price and is hideously rude about it.  Additionally, there are posters that are just as rude about her hat.

Now, I get that not everything is to everyone’s taste.  Honestly, that hat does not appeal to my particular sense of style, so I would not buy it for myself.  However, if it were the right thing for the right person, then it would be an option.  And, if I do not want to purchase it, THERE IS NO ONE OUT THERE FORCING ME TO DO SO.

Read that again.  If you do not wish to purchase something that someone is selling (at least in the handmade category), there is NO ONE FORCING YOU TO DO SO.

The thing that is puzzling me the most is why someone that does not like something has to take so much extra time to make sure that the artisan knows that they don’t like it.  This is not someone writing a review of something because it was bad – this is someone deliberately taking extra time to talk trash about something that he does not know about – and about something that is not hurting him in any way.

Maybe I’m being a Pollyanna.  Maybe I spent too much time writing this up.  You tell me.

Oh, and go read the post in its entirety before you flame me.  If I am going to be roasting, I would like it to be with a good reason.