2011 Oni-Con Report

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I like to offer a con report, for those who care.  This one is inspired by something that I read a long time ago, about a game. Hopefully, you will see it for what it is – a tongue in cheek perspective of a really awesome convention.


- Rode with Bad Wolf Trading/Those Anime People/ Meauho – Sleeping baby, nice ride, rumble, rumble, rumble – What’s that smell? Eww! Emergency flashers mean we are having issues you idiot in the Lexus! Flat tire on trailer? Crap. Limp, limp, limp.  Off to side and call emergency services. An hour? OK. Apprentice looooooooves baby.  Baby eats truck. Apprentice feeds Meauho.  Trailer fixed. Off to Galveston!
- Arrive at show – where unload? OK, thanks.
- Her name is not Cheesecake.
- Unload.
- Her name is still not Cheesecake.
- Grid is annoying.  Someone give me new foot.
- Thank you, but her name is still not Cheesecake.


- Holy excrement they have good coffee at the hotel! And good food! How’d that happen!
- Chinese hell of hanging things.
- More hanging things.
- Are we there yet? More hanging. Are we there yet? More hanging.
- We open in ten minutes. Craaaaaaaaaap!
- People!
- Sell, sell sell.
- See, see, see.
- Take a million pictures.  Butterfly and The Curse of the Golden Flower and Steampunks and Cosplay and SuperHeroes.
- Zatana!
- More pictures.
- We close in five minutes! About time. I’m tired!
- Quick inventory – I sold new things? Duuuude!
- FOOD DAMNIT!  And the hotel STILL has good food.  Wow!


- Gruh? Wrgraphaplip? *Coffee* English language option engaged.
- More sales. More pictures! More sales! More pictures!
- Total fangirl squee at the dragon!
- Lots of stuff happening everywhere.  Tons of pictures.
- Met peeps.  Met models.  Met an entire airship of wonderful loonies who are fun and happy peeps.  Life is good.
- Husband!
- I’m out of the new item? When did that happen?
- You know what? The intern is scary good at this.  Promote intern to apprentice.
- Pictures! Impromptu photoshoot of stuff and stuff and things and stuff. Discovery of relation of cameras to sales.  Hrmmmmmm
- Five minutes everyone!


- I don’t wanna gedup.  Shan’t! Can’t make me…..oooooohhhh, coffee.  Well, OK.
- Sales, pictures, sales, pictures, sales, pictures.
- Pre-order booth for next year, damnit!
- Five minutes!
- Collapse into pile of human jello while husband takes down booth.

Seriously, as tired as I was when it was finished, it was a brilliant and fantastic time to be had. I cannot wait until next year!